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  1. Its a bit different, an hack will ask and send requests for certain packets (information) and this some servers (those capable) can track and log. While with a bot, it really has to be reported by either player or banned by staff. There are ways to automate it, but you’ll end up having so many false bans that it aint worth it. your players are the best antibot system. also if you have a servers launcher then yes they can if they want actually see everything on your PC, only the shadiest servers have done this tho, but they still can do this, they got you to download their progra
  2. It is always recommended to keep an eye on what is going on. I do intend to let the bot do its work and i can go watch a few youtube videos etc in my bed. But i will always peak over just to ensure everything is running smoothly. I also tend to write /dnd Sorry, Farming {WHATEVER} and my chat is disabled. - This will legit save you from quite a lot of suspicious players. I also tend to watch my bot do one or multiple laps of something its repeatably doing and i do my best to eliminate stuck points or anything that looks funky. If players follow me or are always around me, then i
  3. I think its 31 days from the intial purchase. Thus if you bought it 10.01.2021 the next billing date is 10.02.2021 🙂 Alltho, I wouldn't take this as a confirmation of any kind.
  4. So a key i recently purchased. Apparently is invalid? It says its for another Wrobot Program. I'm attempting to run this on Legion 7.3.5 26124 And yes it is detecting the game and Character. The key just doesnt work? Assistance please 😃
  5. It didn't find any useful Taxi Flightpoints near its destination. Thus it blacklisted it to not continue looping it? - Pure assumptions.
  6. Could be worth a shot. Unfortunately i'm not American so i cannot confirm if said method works or not.
  7. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ <- this is a shrug. which literally means. Do whatever floats your boat. And i do apologize. My message above was misswritten. it was meant as "¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you can either do as i recommended or wait, i'm sure someone is willing to help you out tho"
  8. Woaw, i appreciate the slap in the face and the utter disrespect. Trusted sellers are trusted sellers whom sell profiles and or other services on this forum. That just made me facepalm a little. Feel free to wait for Droidz tho.
  9. Shrug, (You can) do as i recommended (or wait) 🙂(However,) I'm sure someone is willing to help you out! 😉
  10. You could always contact trusted sellers/profile creators and pay them through paypal and they'll pay it for you? I usually like paying in USD as well, But dont really mind EUR too much.
  11. Droidz! pay this guy a fee and make this a standalone feature 😄
  12. I recommend that you perhaps share the fightclass so we can look furtherly into the actual file.
  13. I can swear i've seen a setting for this. Perhaps i remember incorrectly?
  14. I completely agree with this, Honestly. Droidz could've kept this program for himself. Yet he did not! We have access to it because of Droidz and i am forever thankful for being allowed to purchase a license to can use this bot. I will continue to pay for as long as it requires me to. On the other hand, this guy shouldn't get any refunds. Simply because he do not meet any of the criterias applying for refunds. You cant just ask for refunds because you dont like it or you cant properly use it. Especially not with programs for usage on private servers. Sit down and study the bot and
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