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[Spooge]Elemental_Shaman 1.2

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About This File

Elemental Shaman (LFR/Grinding/Party)

Talents used:

  • Astral Shift (40% reduced damage for 6 sec)
  • Doesn't matter because of no Totem functionality - Frozen Power (Roots the target)
  • Doesn't matter because of no Totem functionality - Totemic Projection (Moves totems)
  • Echo of the Elements (duplicates a random spell)
  • Ancestral Guidance (Heals w/ damage when up)
  • Elemental Blast (Part of rotation)


    1. Apply Lightning Shield if missing
    2. Apply Flametongue if missing
    3. Shamanistic Rage if CD available
    4. Ascendance if CD available
    5. Open with Flame Shock (keeps buff on target)
    6. Elemental Blast
    7. Lava Burst if CD available
    8. Unleash Elements
    9. Lightning Bolt (filler)
    10. When proc Lava Surge cast Lava Burst
    11. Earth Shock @ 7 Lightning Shield stacks
    12. Bloodlust if usable, 1+ units attacking and HP below 30%
    13. Chain Lightning if 3+ units attacking



    1. Healing Stream Totem if HP<80%
    2. Earth Elemental if target is Elite
    3. Fire Elemental if target is Elite and Earth Elemental is on CD
    4. Stone Bulwark Totem if HP<70%
    5. Searing Totem up at all times (BETA) Seems to be working
    6. Stormlash Totem if Ascendance cast


    [*]Healing Surge when HP below 50%

    [*]Astral Shift at <40% HP

    [*]Ancestral Guidance at <70% HP

    [*]Thunderstorm (without knockback now) if mana <50%

    [*]Ghost Wolf when not in combat and running between mobs

    Any opinions are appreciated. I can't get totems to work and have seen MANY forums trying but have yet to be able to. If anyone has advice I would welcome it.

    If you have any changes or advice on how this could be better or more powerful, it is designed for a reasonably geared toon w/ higher DPS using LFR with WRotation. Though farming/grinding it would work fine w/ as well. Not much on the "staying alive" front so I would recommend not using if you die easily.

    Any advice on how to apply Flametongue weapon or totems working is greatly appreciated. I think if I add it in there, if people have to put their weapon name then it will work but that is a pain for you. I have included it for now in the Fight Class and if you know how, you can add your weapon name to the fight class, otherwise please disable under Fight Class Settings.

    I will be updating and changing as I learn. :)

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


  • Adjusted levels at which it casts spells
  • Added Ghost Wolf
  • Added Water Walking - BETA

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