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6.1 feral druid fight class 1

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About This File

Ok so this is a simple fight calss for feral druids. It does not use stelth because
incarnation in feral make you go stelth when you rake or shred and resets the mob so i took it out.


the fight class will
rejuive if under 85%
only cast healing touch if pred swiftness is up
uses beserk incarnation nature's vigal and tigers fury when needed
it ferie fires mobs that are a certan range away like flying mobs
uses Survival Instincts at 65%
wild charges mobs i took it out because flying mobs mess with it making it chase the mob around not casting ffire but tring to wild
charge i might try to change it on the priorty list to fix that but for now its good enuff.
and mighty bashes
also bleeds target


I dont have stelth or t3 talents or skull bash or maim in the fight class yet
druid kills so fast no real reason to waist combo points on maim.
tbh i forgot about skull bash and t3 talent but what ever


still have a few things that need added but it gets the job done.


t1 Wild Charge
t2 renew
t3 typhoon this dont matter really its not set up in the fight class for now use what you want i might add fswarm later
t4 Incarnation: King of the Jungle
t5 Mighty Bash
t6 Nature's Vigil
t7 Claws of Shirvallah


Glyphs important because i dont have Savage Roar in the fight class to save on combo points because druid energy regeneration
is bad.


Glyph of Ferocious bite
Savagery so you dont have to waist combo points on on savage roar.and stops the beserk stealth bug from reseting mobs
Glyph of faerie fire just to give it extra range for flying mobs if you dont need the range use cat form for extra healing


hope this helps feel free to modify and repost.
this will kill mobs with ease and keep your health up.
sorry if my spelling sucks and Punctuation suck. if it offends you you can always make you own!

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