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Mistweaver the Ancient Early Beta

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About This File

This Fight Class is in Early Beta. Please do not hate, just play and report bugs.
Testing on Orc, Monk 100 Level.
I am open for suggestions.


  • Celerity
  • Zen Sphere
  • Chi Brew
  • Leg Sweep
  • Healing Elixirs
  • Invoke Xuen, The White Tiger
  • Pool of Mists

Early Beta 1:

  • Stance of the Spirited Crane (Jab; Tiger Palm; Rising Sun Kick; Blackout Kick)
  • Stance of the Wise Serpent (Soothing Mist; Renewing Mist; Enveloping Mist)
  • Attacking Spells without Stance (Touch of Death; Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger)
  • Healing Spells without Stance (Surging Mist (two different conditions of use); Expel Harm; Zen Sphere, Revival)
  • Crowd Control (Spear Hand Strike; Leg Sweep)
  • Cooldown Spells (Fortifying Brew; Life Cocoon; Chi Brew; Nimble Brew)
  • Mana Recovery with Mana Tea, Buffing Legacy of the Emperor and Roll.

Early Beta 2: (Progress: testing & implementing new functions/spells)

  • +Provoke (used when Target In Cast)
  • +Paralysis (used when Target In Cast)
  • +Spinning Crane Kick (used when 2+ Units Attack Player near 5 yards)
  • ~Legacy of the Emperor bug fixes
  • ~Revival bug fixes
  • ~Rotation improvements
  • ~Now attack distance is 5 yards instead of 3 yards

What's next?
Trying to add healing for friendly players with options (raid/party/40 yards radius). I would adding new version with 80% healing and 20% damage, instead of actually 50/50% (change important of healing).

Example Combat Log:

[F] 16:24:23 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Jab (Jab)
[F] 16:24:24 - [Spell] Cast Revival (Revival)
[F] 16:24:26 - [Spell] Cast Rising Sun Kick (Rising Sun Kick)
[F] 16:24:28 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Spear Hand Strike (Spear Hand Strike)
[F] 16:24:28 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Jab (Jab)
[F] 16:24:30 - [Spell] Cast Surging Mist (Surging Mist)
[F] 16:24:32 - [Spell] Cast Blackout Kick (Blackout Kick)
[F] 16:24:33 - [Spell] Cast Expel Harm (Expel Harm)
[F] 16:24:35 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Jab (Jab)
16:24:36 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Felsworn Bulwark (lvl 100)
[F] 16:24:37 - [Spell] Cast Blackout Kick (Blackout Kick)
[F] 16:24:39 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Jab (Jab)
[F] 16:24:41 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Jab (Jab)
[F] 16:24:42 - [Spell] Cast Chi Brew (Chi Brew)
[F] 16:24:43 - [Spell] Cast Tiger Palm (Tiger Palm)
[F] 16:24:44 - [Spell] Cast Rising Sun Kick (Rising Sun Kick)


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