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I just want to let you know that half the bot's functions doesnt work as intended. Take the stop bot if teleported for instance, that doesn't work. I had a fishbot going, and a GM ported me away, and the bot ran to the coords, eventhough I had turned pathfinding off aswell. GG

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Still the bot shouldnt of ran back with pathfinding off. 

I'm annoyed that you cant have a an option to turn off running back. If you're fishing in a safe spot, you wont have to engage anything. And if you have decent bags, it'll take quite a while to fill it up. In that scenario there's no need for the bot to run back.

If you're teleported, you're teleported. There's no inbetween btw. Fire up a server of your own, you'll see there's no way to move a player unless you're teleporting them, no matter the distance.

If the bots co-ords change from something, and then suddenly changes to something else, I think its safe to say that you've been teleported.

I would love for the bot to work properly, but at this point it seems it's more like finding workarounds for different scenarios, because you can't rely on the bot, that's what frustrating, cause the functions that actually do work, are solid.

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