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Storm, Earth, and Fire


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First, thanks for a really nice product!


Here's the issue I'm having. Storm, Earth and Fire needs to be cast if there is more than one hostile attacking me, and it needs to target the one I'm not targeting.


If there are 3 hostiles attacking me, it needs to cast again and target that third one.


I've come very close to acheiving this using lua and conditions for the spell cast.


I created macros that do the 2 conditions (one for each) and I can use them as a human.


Here is the macro text for the first condition:

#showtooltip Storm, Earth, and Fire
/targetenemy 2
/cast Storm, Earth, and Fire

When I put that in the RunMacroText, it simply swaps between the targets and never casts the spell. Which causes the conditions to be met next time through, so that's where he sticks until he tire of that and proceeds through the rotation.


So I'm very close with this.


Maybe it can't be done...but I'm close!


If I convert it to C# is there more available logic-wise? I can write the code.


Thanks Again,


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