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Problem with big sized mobs and group of mobs

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Hi, i noticed an issue with mobs bigger than normal (ogres for exemple),

The bot has trouble with the big hitbox and stays just ouf of melee range, i tried to uncheck "Calculate distance by target size", it does work, but this leads to another problem,


i set the bot to attack only solo mobs, but now, it attacks groups of mobs too, i think it has a relation with the "Calculate distance by target size".

Having reduced the hitbox size, it's possible that the bot miscalculates the distance to other mobs and sees them further than they really are.

Could you have a look into it pls?


(discovered the bug on a private 1.12 server, location : deadwind pass (ogres), but the same hitbox problem can be experienced with the ogres close to the alliance camp in the burning steppes)

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