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  1. You basically described the whole videogame industry business model, which has proven working and profitable, yet implying in the same sentence that it doesn't work. So, does it work or not? chose one.
  2. What's your point exactly? do you expect people to rename their profiles to match the opinion you have of them? would that be enough to satisfy you or do you need something else? some flawless profiles for free maybe? and a coffee after that? You're just criticizing without offering a valid solution, stop circling around, tell us what you want exactly.
  3. Looks like the typical millenial manchild's temper tantrum to me, the "do as i say because my opinion matters so much", or"if i can't have it, i will fuck it up for everyone else" type.
  4. try my warrior fight class, it's free and it destroys mobs.
  5. Why are you even here if you don't like Wrobot? that's the real question. If you don't like something, move on. I don't mean to be rude but it sounds like entitlement, if you want glider or hb, buy glider or hb, don't buy Wrobot and expect it to become glider because you like them more. Beggers can't be chosers.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Hi guys, this is a fightclass i've spent a lot of hours developping while i was learning c#, I've since lost interrest, thus i'm not developping it anymore, and since it's not clean commercial-grade code, you can have it for free. The profile supports a great range of abilities, including situational aoe, stance dance, overpower, pummel, intercept, fear, disarm, recklessness as an "oh shit" solution, even opening clams automatically (it farmed me a few godlen pearls while i was letting it grind) etc. It selects abilities depending on the type of enemy (ex, it will not try to bleed an elemental), will prefer ranged pull if it can split the packs of mobs (get a bow and put the arrows in the ammo slot). The bot will use new spells as you buy them and it's behavior will change according to what spells you currently have available, also, don't forget that warriors are pretty hard to level up, do update your character's equipment when you got the chance and don't try to grind +1 or +2 lvl mobs while leveling, it doesn't end well. The bot was developped for the Us client, i have not tested on different clients, thus i have no idea if it would break the code. Ps : there might be bugs, this is the latest version i could find while browsing my old hard drive, i will update if i find a newer version. Ps2: The stance dance / overpower part of the code often generates lua errors, which you can simply hide with an addon => "Improved Error Frame (IEF)". I hope you have a lot of fun, fell free to leave your opinion!
  7. On many 1.12 servers, fishing loots are bugged, you get a LOT of proffession mats (too many compared to vanlla retail) by spending little time at the right spots, even less if you bot it, and those mats are pretty expensive (at the auction house or even npc). On elysium, a buddy and me got more than 100g of mats sales the first few days the server opened this way (without botting). This could explain why they are so attentive to fishing.
  8. thanks man :) I found my errors and corrected them in the meantime, here's the working version, i'm using it on my warrior class 1 -, it checks if you have a ranged weapon equiped and if the target is at good distance, if not, returns false. 2 -, If there is only 1 hostile (your target) : -if there is a neutral lvl1+ (not a critter) around your target, it checks if the neutral is closest to you or your target, if the neutral is closest to you, it returns false (no need for ranged pull), if the neutral is closest to your target, it returns true (you can ranged pulll your target). - If there are only critters around your target, it returns false, you can charge in, no danger. 3 if there are more than 1 hostile in a 25m radius, it will return true (ranged pull) I wrote this because my character would do stupid shit like spam cooldowns for 1 or 2 critters or even attack an hostile, then aoe and get aggro from nearby neutral mobs and get killed over and over (fellwood south is horrible for that matter).. private static bool IsRangedPullBetter() { if (ObjectManager.Me.GetEquipedItemBySlot(InventorySlot.INVSLOT_RANGED) == 0 && (ObjectManager.Target.GetDistance < 8 || ObjectManager.Target.GetDistance > 25)) return false; var mobsAroundMyTarget = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitAttackables().Where(u => u.Position.DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Target.Position) <= 25 && u.IsAttackable); var hostilesAroundMyTarget = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitHostile().Count(u => u.Position.DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Target.Position) <= 25 && u.IsAttackable); var neutralsAroundMyTarget = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitAttackables().Count(u => u.Position.DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Target.Position) <= 15 && u.IsAttackable && IsNeutral(u) && u.Level >= 10); var crittersAroundMyTarget = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitAttackables().Count(u => u.Position.DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Target.Position) <= 10 && u.IsAttackable && IsNeutral(u) && u.Level < 2); if (hostilesAroundMyTarget > 1) { return hostilesAroundMyTarget > 1; } if (crittersAroundMyTarget != 0 && neutralsAroundMyTarget == 0) { return false; } return neutralsAroundMyTarget >= 1 && mobsAroundMyTarget.All(unit => !(unit.Position.DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Me.Position) < ObjectManager.Target.Position.DistanceTo(unit.Position))); }
  9. Hi, i noticed an issue with mobs bigger than normal (ogres for exemple), The bot has trouble with the big hitbox and stays just ouf of melee range, i tried to uncheck "Calculate distance by target size", it does work, but this leads to another problem, i set the bot to attack only solo mobs, but now, it attacks groups of mobs too, i think it has a relation with the "Calculate distance by target size". Having reduced the hitbox size, it's possible that the bot miscalculates the distance to other mobs and sees them further than they really are. Could you have a look into it pls? (discovered the bug on a private 1.12 server, location : deadwind pass (ogres), but the same hitbox problem can be experienced with the ogres close to the alliance camp in the burning steppes)
  10. Thank you for your quick answer, i tried to delete my Wtf folder, delete all the addons (even if i dont use them while botting), and reset every setting i could find, this character still targets itself, i dont understand.
  11. Hi guys, i'm running the same fight class on 2 of my accounts (not at the same time) to fine tune it, and i have a small issue, on one of my accounts, it's doing fine, on the other one, the bot keeps targeting itself when he doesn't have any hostile target, making it super obvious it's a bot. Is there an option in wow client or in wRobot i forgot to check(unchek)?
  12. Hi, i tried to get the distance between my target and the mobs around it to check if any of them is too close to charge in, the problem is, the bool always returns true and if i try to return the distance between my target and the mob close, it returns 0. Can anyone help pls? i got this so far: public int TotalMobsCloseToMyTarget; private bool IsRangedPullBetter() { List<WoWUnit> mobsAroundMe = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitHostile(); foreach (WoWUnit unit in mobsAroundMe) { // nombre de mobs proches de ma target if (unit != null && (unit.Position.DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Me.TargetObject.Position) <= 7.0F && !unit.IsDead)) { DistanceEnemisProches = unit.Position.DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Me.TargetObject.Position); TotalMobsCloseToMyTarget++; return true; } } return false; }
  13. 1 session probably means 1 wRobot key, meaning, if you have 1 key, you canont use several instances of wRobot at the same time.
  14. bump, would love to implement the feature in a profile too.
  15. i'm trying to make this work on vanilla by the way.
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