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Lock walks to mob


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Ive been botting in the past with wowglider and honorbuddy. Its really new for me that when i buy a bot i have to create the fightingclass myself. I now play on a TBC server.

But since i couldnt find a BE warlock fightclass for leveling anywhere i started creating my own.

I cant find alot of tutorials on the web so i am just giving it a go.

The problem is that i try to cast demon skin first with highest priority. But somehow it just go's on and moves towards my second spell shadow bolt.

My 2 questions are.

1How do i let it cast demon skin first.

2when my character wants to attack a mob it first walks up towards the mob before it starts casting shadow bolt.. How do i let it cast shadowbolt from a distance?

3The character auto attacks the mob aswell. How do i turn that off?

I hope the awnsers on this will get me on my way on learning more about creating a good fightingclass.




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