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Wait actively or stop moving


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can't find a solution for this: I want my fightclass to stop doing anything/waiting actively if Vanish and Preparation are both on cooldown.

So far I tried this as C# function with both condtions, out of combat and highest priority:


My idea was that the bot will wait 5s over and over again until the conditions are no longer met, but he still continues moving after this even though the log says he is perfoming "Thread.Sleep(5000)"

Suggestions or other solutions for this?

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3 hours ago, micam said:

you can put the bot in pause and loop until vanish and preparation will be up, then unpause the bot


robotManager.Products.Products.InPause = true;

Thanks, will try!

Edit: Working perfectly now, thanks! Used this snippet:


Products.InPause = true;
while((!SpellManager.SpellUsableLUA("Vanish")) && (!SpellManager.SpellUsableLUA("Preparation")))
Products.InPause = false;


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