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  1. come on my discord if you want some help
  2. there is no more lifetime licence, it's 1 year max, check "My Purchases" tab here https://wrobot.eu/clients/purchases/
  3. Check the exact path for 01-60_Alliance.xml file and be sure it is in \Profiles\Quester\++Micam_Profiles++
  4. it would be easy to make a plugin to blacklist mob that become friendly if it can avoid some bans
  5. Whitekidney is back ? i was thinking he was off the project
  6. Northdale is catching bot ? i just did a 1-50 for a customer the past 2 weeks without ban ?
  7. micam


    tu n'as pas du bien regardé parce qu'il y a bien plus "que 2 profiles" pour vanilla : https://wrobot.eu/files/category/161-wrobot-for-wow-vanilla/
  8. hello, i saw no change : - if i'm in the basement and want to go far away (menethil), it doesnt use the offmesh connection to go outside - if i'm in the basement and want to go outside (mage quarter), it use the offmesh connection - if i'm at goldshire and want to go in the basement, it use the offmesh connection BUT doesn't generate any path from where i start and where offmesh connection strat, it try to goes straight
  9. well @Droidz is the only one that can tell us the answer
  10. does the "not vendor" problem only appear in darkshore ? if yes, disable/remove fisherman friend plugin also, did you updated (redownload from email) since i added vendor/repair in every zone ? you got trouble in wetland when traveling to menethil ? that was an unfortunate experience, since new pathfinder the character stick to the road and that make it easier to die less. One thing i had noticed one time is that HMP selected this npc : https://classicdb.ch/?npc=2679 and it was a die loop because he never could reach him, maybe try to blacklist it.
  11. when fixing my offmesh with new pathfinding i noticed something : for long road, it seems that offmesh connection are just ignored. My example : i'm at warlock basement in SW, just turned in a quest to trainer. Next Quest of my profile is "GoToMenethil" with a followpath that only have 1 vector in menethil. Pathfinder server say "Not found usable Off-mesh connection." and get stuck in the way to go outside of the basement I modify my "GoToMenethil" followpath to just have 1 vector outside of the basement in SW Pathfinder server say "Use Off-mesh connection." and successfuly go outside @Droidz can you confirm that long path doesnt use offmesh connection ? and can you tell why ? Also, when pathfinder found partial result, could it be possible to see on the log the last found position he found, to determine more easier the place that cause trouble ? Thanks
  12. that's an interesting feature to randomise profile, but i would suggest to implement it that way : when you launch the profile, it select 1 zone randomly and every X minutes/hours, it change zone randomly (excluding the current zone of course of the choice). One cause to ban is character farming too long in the same area and starting triggering attention from others real players, it would be a nice dodge to this. I'm not that much agree that just chosing a different zone when launching profile do anything to avoid ban ? i mean ok you will farm to spot A instead of B, but what does it change again ban ? the character will still look as bottish as always in every spot 😛
  13. i'd like to have more info about the Randomized Grinding feature : Zone is selected once when launching profile or does it change automatically after an amount of time ? Different zone for a same level are always in the same region or can it be far away from a random zone to an other ? if my character is currently grinding in a zone and i stop/play the bot, there is a chance he select an other random zone and have to move every time i stop/play the bot ? Thanks
  14. You can take all my blacklist values in BlackList.xml from zip and copy them in your own \Data\BlackList.xml and you can create your own using Tools -> Black list editor
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