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Cave Problems while gathering


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Alot of times my character would get stuck pretty much jumping a mountain because its trying to get to a mineral inside a cave below the mountain. Is there any way to prevent this. such as set it so that it skips the node if it can't get it within 10 seconds. I tried using the Blacklist current area button, but it doesn't work, it still just gets stuck in that mountain and tries endlessly to get that unreachable mineral.

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Ok I was able able to figure out how to get it to farm without worrying about the underground nodes.


In general settings, click on advance settings on the bottom right. I'm not sure if all these work or not, I just enable them and it has been working flawlessly as far as i can from watching it now.


Class/ Fight Class - check the Use lua to move

Looting and Farming option - check detect nodes stuck and blacklist zone where I

Save and Close

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The only solution is to add caves zones in blacklists where he have (or avoid this zone when you create profile).
(blacklist editor is in "Tools" tab, you can look map to view what zones are blacklisted).
I'll try to solve this problem but it will not immediately.
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