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Fight Classes file ext?


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So, I am a complete noob. I am trying out different profiles and things, but they are all vastly different file names.

Like one person is using .xml, one is using .cs, and another DLL.

Can someone give me a noob guide or a quick sheet? Just trying to get like 1-30 druid fighting, dont really need a path or anything, as i think i can make that myself

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Here is the quick and easy explanation:

.xml is using the WRobot Quest or Fight Class editor

.cs is written in c#

.dll is usually a compilation of several .cs files into one and can also use obfuscation to protect their code written in the file so it cannot be changed.

I write .cs and .dll for my questing files to be used in Profiles -> Custom Profile folder in WRobot

For .xml Questing you place it in the Profiles -> Quester folder or Gatherer or Fisherbot or Battlegrounder. Depending on what it's used for.

For Fight Classes you can place all 3 types into the FightClass folder.


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