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How do execute commands during looting?


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The bot will run through aggressive mobs when it is in the looting phase. 

Is it possible to have the bot check for targets near your target before running to loot?

If (Looting = true && additional Mob is found within 30 yards of your lootable target && same additional mob is also within 30 yards of ME && same 
    additional mob = aggressive)
	Target additional mob;
        begin combat; 


I was also hoping that I could put a 1 second strafe while running toward the mob to loot. 

  If (currently running toward dead target to loot)
								do not perform this action more than once per looting;

I am not sure if this is possible as the loot function looks to be built in to wrobot and not in to the fightclass.

Are either of these things possible?

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