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I made a plugin to stop the bot at a certain point and make him move again at a later point however my problem is that the method I use is Products.ProductStop(); obviously this also disables the plugin which is needed to re-activate him with Products.ProductStart(); is there any other good method to temp stop him completely?

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Anything needs to happen while waiting or he only want to wait and do nohting ?
Your question is actually a bit unclear.

You can add Thread.Sleep into your function,

Thread.Sleep(5000) // Wait 5 Seconds
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I don't want him to do anything basically I want him to afk but the plugin needs to run as it's observer I'd implement it into the FightClass but the movement is not controlled by that so that's why I'm looking for something to pause the bot completely movement, targeting, attacking hence I tried to use Products.ProductStop()

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