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fightclass not working properly


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hey, I downloaded the combat rota from playingnaked and changed a bit for me but it does not work that good... actualy it just uses frostbolts all the time and none of all the other skillz he has put into it...


An idea what could be the issue?


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Alright: Your Frostbolt ability has a condition called 'Buff Stack Target' which is set to 'Not Equal: 3'


I assume you've accidentally put this condition in because it doesn't actually make sense lol. Frostbolt is a debuff on a target that only affects targets that aren't bosses and doesn't stack. It is only a 50% slow, nothing else. I think this was a 5.4 change.


So basically your profile gets stuck in an infinite loop trying to stack a debuff to 3 that will never go above 1.


Second your Living Bomb spell is set below the Frostbolt one in the priority list and neither have any conditions (after I removed the condition as explained above).


What you want to do is add a condition to Frostbolt called 'Target Buff Casted By Me' - Set name to 'Living Bomb' and the value to 'True' - basically this will tell it to only cast Frostbolt when Living Bomb is on the target.


Then you want to put a condition on your Living Bomb which is another 'Target Buff Casted By Me' and name that 'Living Bomb' and set that to 'False'. All you are doing here is telling it to not loop the spell and once again cause your profile to only use that one spell.


The rest will follow a similar manner. Your Frostfire Bolt seems correct as does your Fingers of Frost. Frozen Orb is your choice and you seem to have that set correctly (although I'm having AOE issues myself so I may not be the best person to ask when it comes to that).


I've attached what I've done above so you can see for yourself and see that the basics of the rotation work (left the rest as you uploaded). Don't forget about the priority order too, highest number being cast first (dependant on conditions you set). So for example Frostfire Bolt and Ice Lance are both triggered by a single similar condition, if both are procced they will fire in the order you have them, so atm I have set Frostfire Bolt as the highest priority - but don't trust me, haven't played frost mage for decades, just had a quick scan at Icy Veins.


Hope this helps.


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The only thing I don't know how to actually do properly is alter time since once you use it, it doesn't go on cd for either 6 seconds or unless you use it a second time within that 6 seconds (so the bot just uses it twice instantly thus wasting it).

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