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Doesn't gather anything


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Im using the bot on tauri wow 5.4.8 and the bot will completely skip pass all herbs and will fly down to the mining spots but wont actaully mine them I have tried re installing it and it doesnt change it.

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How do I do this, when I make my profile I dont see where I am meant to put the ID's I tried in the Others tab but that doesn't let me create a path for the bot to follow.  When I look up how to make the profile they all say you just make a path and the bot will gather any herb/ore near you.

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My own method was to open the xml file manually and write the proper ids there. You will find the list on the bottom in the gather part. Something like this.



So fly around record the path the edit the file and add the ids and remove anything else. Ids can be found on wowhead for example if you look for tryllium ore you will find the id in the link https://www.wowhead.com/item=72103/white-trillium-ore that item part is ore id 72103 ... etc

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