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Warrior Charge won't take place


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I followed many instrunctions, and set the 'Charge' spell with correct parameters, but it will never be casted.

Is there anything wrong with my settings? or other settings of WRobot? I am running it on vanilla.


I found the possible reason. When I change the 'Range' of General Settings in Class Fight Editor from 5 to 25, the bot sometimes charges.

However, if the casting fails, and the mob comes into combat but casting range spells towards the bot, the bot is just standing at the distance of 25 instead of moving forward.

Is there any good way to cast 'Charge' while not in combat, continuously click this button all the time, and move to the mob while get into combat?



I found the problem. I should not add the condition that 'Me in Combat, False' into the Charge spell.

Post end thanks.




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try changing the priority to 1, other than that i dont see anything that would cause it to"not" be used on pull.
i dont have wrobot open atm, but is there not a condition that allows you to use it on pull?

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The reason you are having issues with charge, is because it requires two things:
high range + out of combat.
Now if you use the fightclass editor, changing range will be problematic.
However, if you use c# you what you need to do is make a condition that you are out of combat and charge is off CD, secondly you need to change the pull range to 8+.
Make sure you make it change the range back to 5 after charge.

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