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Nowhere to enter licensekey


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Hey! When I've installed the tbc profile which I bought, I can't seem to find the row where I should put my licenskey.
I've reinstalled wrobot 10+ times. Running it as administrator, installed it on desktop and other places to test.
Restarted computer
Disabled all firewalls etc.
Why doesn't it show up?

On my other computer it shows and works.




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In your account log key is used. 

You can found your key in button "Manage" here https://wrobot.eu/clients/purchases/

To use your key launch "WRobot.exe", click on button "Launch bot", new window appear, replace "TRIAL" by your key (you can click on button "+" to save your key), click on button "LOGIN -..."

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I have used it on my other computer. But wow keeps crashing on that one so I wanted to try it on my laptop but that doesn't work. Is it because I've used it on another computer?
If so. Can you reset it so I can use it on my other computer instead?
As you can see on the attached picture above, when I press Launch bot no window appear except Please enter key. Which I can't

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Well, that's strange then.
No I can't share log file because I can't get through to the actual program.
1. I Start wrobot.exe 
2. It says server connection.. and you cant click anything basically. I have turned off firewall etc.
3. if u press in the white window it says "please enter licenskey" which I cant. Because there is no field to enter it.

So if I press Launch Bot. Error screen appears as in picture above.
I know how to enter the licens key because I have done it on the other computer. It's just that. The field isn't there and I can't enter it elsewhere.


it's like the program doesn't detect wow maybe?

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