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You must add your mailbox and vendor hotspots. Within the easy profile creator. After that. You enable in advanced settings sending with mail. After that you shoukd be given your receiving toons name column, type that in and away you go. When setting hotspot for mailbox it is caps sensitive and use your location for current hotspot. Easiest way.

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Okay, First you Are going to have to go near the Mailbox, Goto Developer Tools within Helper Tool, Dump All Info, Find Mailbox, Get Coordinates, Type Mailbox Caps Sensitive in your creator, There should

be an option within your creator too add Vendors / Repair / Mailbox, Select Mailbox. And Do the Above Steps OR do them in any order you like as long as you get the Coordinates Proper. You can Also use your Hotspot. Just put it near the mailbox.

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