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Back Pedal for hunter fight class


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I've tried to find anything about this but nothing comes up.

I've done a fightclass for my hunter, but when the mobs comes to close it wont back pedal. 
What I want is that when pet (or someone else) has aggro it should back pedal enough to be able to shoot.

I've set for example my steady shot to be between 5-35y but when mobs get to close it just stands there autohitting, regardless if the pet has aggro or not. 


Anyone have a good tip?

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local C_Timer = CreateFrame("Frame", "C_Timer")\nC_Timer.schedule = {}\nC_Timer:SetScript("OnUpdate", function(self, elapsed)\n    for timestamp,callback in pairs(self.schedule) do\n        if timestamp <= GetTime() then\n            callback()\n            self.schedule[timestamp] = nil\n        end\n    end\nend)\n\nC_Timer.After = function(duration, callback)\n    C_Timer.schedule[GetTime() + duration] = callback\nend\n                                \nMoveBackwardStart()\nC_Timer.After(9000, function() MoveBackwardStop() end)

this is lua script.


target must be targetting your pet

target must have health above certain % (meaning its not about to die)

Distance between you and target is less than 8 yard

You have pet

you're in combat

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