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    Photogenic got a reaction from Shingston in Back Pedal for hunter fight class   
    this is lua script.
    target must be targetting your pet
    target must have health above certain % (meaning its not about to die)
    Distance between you and target is less than 8 yard
    You have pet
    you're in combat
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    Photogenic reacted to SacredAnarchy in C# condition for a fightclass made using wrobot   
    I have figured it out and its as simple as adding a C# condition that looks like this.  p.Name == ("insertnamehere")
    So for those who use the Fight-class Creation tool, in the conditions drop down menu choose C sharp code then type into the value box p.Name == ("insertnamehere") and obviously insert the intended targets name in place of insertnamehere. The bot will only cast onto that target if its name matches this condition.
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    Photogenic reacted to Matenia in PVP rotations?   
    Because "people wanting scripts for PvP" isn't actually anything. It's the occasional hardstuck 1800 hoping scripts will make them Gladiator. 
    I've been trying to sell shit for PvP for ages - just to automate the boring honor grind. I sold a total of like 150 fightclasses since 2016. The silent masses buy PvE shit to level. There is no money in it. Whenever someone PMs me, they don't wanna pay 30€/hour, which is already a piss poor rate for freelance software development. 

    People just want free shit, but they can't even be bothered to use the fightclass editor to make an autokicker script.

    Plus it's actually really scummy and you'll just stay hardstuck 1900 instead. Don't bring cheats to competitive environments. Just git gud, shitters.
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    Photogenic got a reaction from shlord in Ban hammer - Frostmourne   
    Did you mail gold to this account ? If you never botted, it could be the amount of gold/items you receive through mail was tracked.
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    Photogenic reacted to Ordush in Ban hammer - Frostmourne   
    My best guess is that a GM randomly came upon your char.
    Bots are dead give away.
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    Photogenic reacted to TheSmokie in Flying problem / mount problem   
    I think this will help you, https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/8668-workaround-for-stutter-flying/?page=2
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    Photogenic reacted to Pudge in Bot trying to mine RED ores   
    hi, for such cases there is a plugin
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    Photogenic reacted to Pudge in How to cast revive once?   
    Works, thanks

    var corpse = ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWCorpse().FirstOrDefault(); if (corpse.IsValid) { Lua.LuaDoString("print('corpse exists, name: ["+corpse.Name+"], guid: ["+corpse.Guid+"], baseadress: ["+corpse.GetBaseAddress+"]')"); SpellManager.CastSpellByNameLUA("Revive"); Interact.InteractGameObject(corpse.GetBaseAddress); }  
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    Photogenic reacted to TheSmokie in How to cast revive once?   
    @Talamin interesting, isn’t there a lua bool to check of a toon was recently rezzed??
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    Photogenic reacted to Matenia in How to cast revive once?   
    Use a timer you set when using SpellManager.CastSpellByName and add to the condiiton that the timer needs to be ready
    Edit: Ideally you want one timer per unit guid you tried to rezz
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    Photogenic reacted to Zan in How to cast revive once?   
    Blacklist the target for an amount of time after use and use the !Blacklisted to cast on others.
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    Photogenic reacted to Talamin in How to cast revive once?   
    Because you don´t have a cooldown on your revive ability and usefuls.waitiscast just wait until the Cast is done. So when the target don´t accept the ressurrection immediatly he get´s spammed over and over again. Therefore just use a timer for each target you already casted revive on, so it won´t spam revive on the same target again and again.
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    Photogenic reacted to Matenia in Improve dungeon pathing   
    PathFinder.OffMeshConnections.Add(new PathFinder.OffMeshConnection(new List<Vector3> { new Vector3(-861.2993, -3758.589, 19.47886, "None"), new Vector3(-849.3063, -3742.703, 22.49161, "None"), new Vector3(-842.8103, -3734.129, 19.89155, "None"), new Vector3(-849.7686, -3735.616, 19.88754, "None"), new Vector3(-848.3646, -3731.851, 21.27056, "None"), new Vector3(-843.2056, -3727.342, 25.23064, "None"), new Vector3(-839.3514, -3726.285, 26.32008, "None") }, (int) ContinentId.Kalimdor) { Type = PathFinder.OffMeshConnectionType.Bidirectional, Name = "Ratchet - Gazlowe", TryToUseEvenIfCanFindPathSuccess = true }); PathFinder.OffMeshConnections.Add(new PathFinder.OffMeshConnection(new List<Vector3> { new Vector3(1155.042, 182.7223, 3.134686, "None"), new Vector3(1157.968, 184.0907, 5.895848, "None"), new Vector3(1157.852, 185.0874, 6.79552, "None"), new Vector3(1169.146, 188.5145, 17.70432, "None"), new Vector3(1176.177, 183.1431, 21.6543, "None"), new Vector3(1174.764, 180.1774, 21.44643, "None"), new Vector3(1170.609, 182.9803, 23.67873, "None"), new Vector3(1167.625, 185.7788, 27.12425, "None"), new Vector3(1165.26, 188.2767, 28.77732, "None"), new Vector3(1161.465, 183.8654, 29.03481, "None"), new Vector3(1164.393, 176.3627, 31.69842, "None") }, (int) ContinentId.Kalimdor) { Type = PathFinder.OffMeshConnectionType.Bidirectional, Name = "Stonetalon - Big machine", TryToUseEvenIfCanFindPathSuccess = true }); PathFinder.OffMeshConnections.Add(new PathFinder.OffMeshConnection(new List<Vector3> { new Vector3(-9009.081, 851.679, 105.893, "None"), new Vector3(-9017.271, 864.8356, 109.8218, "None"), new Vector3(-9014.967, 882.9603, 112.9219, "None"), new Vector3(-8999.138, 890.7767, 115.9936, "None"), new Vector3(-8982.68, 880.2233, 119.937, "None"), new Vector3(-8982.612, 866.5609, 123.3268, "None"), new Vector3(-8992.165, 860.2961, 126.6532, "None"), new Vector3(-9001.312, 864.4201, 129.772, "None"), new Vector3(-9013.052, 873.2303, 132.0581, "None"), new Vector3(-9007.667, 877.3668, 135.9138, "None"), new Vector3(-9003.198, 874.1686, 139.3298, "None"), new Vector3(-9004.052, 868.6579, 142.6572, "None"), new Vector3(-9009.047, 867.0392, 145.7849, "None"), new Vector3(-9013.107, 871.0745, 148.6166, "None"), new Vector3(-9016.262, 884.7032, 29.6207, "None") }, (int) ContinentId.Azeroth) { Type = PathFinder.OffMeshConnectionType.Bidirectional, Name = "SW Mage Tower", TryToUseEvenIfCanFindPathSuccess = true });  
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    Photogenic reacted to TheSmokie in why does Wrobot reload client sometimes?   
    You need to disable all Addons!
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    Photogenic reacted to Zan in 2 druids same group Tree of Life   
    "Tree of Life" is casted on self.
    Shouldn't it be:
    !ObjectManager.Me.BuffCastedByAll("Tree of Life").Contains(ObjectManager.Me.Guid)  
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    Photogenic reacted to Zer0 in Conditions in xml ??   
    I don't know about ObjectManager.Me.InCombatWithFlagOnly
    ObjectManager.Me.InCombatFlagOnly is the way to go.
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    Photogenic reacted to Droidz in 2 druids same group Tree of Life   
    Hello, try to use c# condition 
    !ObjectManager.Target.GetBuffs("Tree of Life").Any(a => a.Owner == ObjectManager.Me.Guid)  
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    Photogenic reacted to Ordush in Does warmane IP ban if caught ?   
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    Photogenic reacted to Ordush in How to randomize a spell ?   
    Random randomNumber = new Random(); int iceArmorTimer = randomNumber.Next(15, 30); // Makes the int iceArmorTimer into a random number between 15 and 30
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    Photogenic reacted to Lbniese in Rogue poisons   
    You can always use something like this
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    Photogenic reacted to Bambo in Some Wrobot Instances just "freeze"   
    I am the same guy from this thread Buddy xD yea i use it. Do I uncomment that line now?
    BTW: I am also experiencing many WoW and wrobot crashes recently. Dont know how to fix that either ?
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    Photogenic reacted to Matenia in Bot Does not buff party members?   
    The bot queues up mounting regardless of your fightclass. So by the time that action is finished (the bot does a sleep for the duration of your mount cast), your fightclass is at it again and it tries to cast something.
    Because the intial mounting sleep isn't long enough, by the time your fightclass gets to do its thing, the bot hasn't recognized that you're mounted. So the "mount = false" condition still holds true and it casts again.
    Therefore your best shot is to set a higher latency to make those sleeps last longer. The other option is to have Droidz adjust the behavior to make sure mounting is updated correctly.
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    Photogenic reacted to ScripterQQ in Bot Does not buff party members?   
    There are some things that I can't understant too, for example I noticed on battleground my Priest Fight Class once ressed does this:
    Inner Fire > Mount > Dismount > Vampiric Embrace > Mount > Dismount > Fortitude > Mount > Dismount > Spirit..and so on. I set all buffs on top priority, combat only = false, can cast on mount= false, and still I get this weird behaviour.
    It should ress corpse, Inner Fire, Vampiric Embrace, Stamina, Spirit, Shadow Protection, Fear Ward, and THEN mount. I don't know.
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    Photogenic got a reaction from Wicked Guardian in Bot Does not buff party members?   
    I actually found the problem... Funny thing is.. when the option "Is Buff=true" it doens't buff, Changed it to false and now it does buff.
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    Photogenic reacted to Wicked Guardian in Bot causes windows to lag   
    I will post a log later today. I will say that this issue occurs even after WRobot is closed. 
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