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  1. I was one.. yes used public profiles.. Fun fact. yestarday earlier mails were From: Unknown. wich gave me a bad feeling and traded face to face (different ip) all greens to other char to DE.. i wont be suprisse if the other char gets ban too lmao
    Thanks.. Using right now with a druid cat.. started on 77 around 7 hours ago. no problems at all..
  2. ty. dinged 80 with previous version, some weird stucks/deads.. but was really smooth.. this one i will try for sure with my next toon.
  3. do you use Pause bot if nearby player? im starting to use it. but cant find a decent config.. because it stop the bot and mobs respawn and kill me lol
  4. Cool. thanks for the tips.. is there any guide to do quest profiles? i tried myself and failed miserably lol
  5. your own profiles (private, not public.) Grind profiles? Regards PS: sorry for double post
  6. It was totally random. wich is worse for us. They banned 1 accout wich never botted.. if they would ban wrobot users. they would ban my other bot account and not this one,..
  7. I got banned in 1 accout. half quest (bot) / bot grind/automation and played 1 rdf . but the weird part is 1 account banned wich never botted (playing on the same IP different computer). main acc still alive (not botted) alt lv 45 grinding bot alive (was online when hammer happened)...
  8. yes i think it was 50+ i was online and toke a screenshot i quit botting on warmane but tbh botting on new realm with 12k players.. its way too risky..
  9. i botted this month a warrior from 20-80 grinding.. i did 1-2 rdf and like 2-3 quest around 60.. then like 15 days ago a DK from 60-80 just grind.. maybe the hammer is cooming 😅
  10. using it on my lv 64 blood DK. i added Heart Strike on ur fight class too kill faster (maybe in higher lvl i get a skil to refill those melee auto attack moments?).. anyways.. how can i make Death Grip work? thanks. ur Fight classes are amazing. lvled a druid and warrior. now im going for a DK.. ;D big thanks
  11. try to update fight class.. last changelog Released Monday at 10:35 AM - Fixed small bug regarding shapeshifting and interactions with NPCs
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