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2 druids same group Tree of Life

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I have 2 druids in the same group, both are resto, and I want them both to use Tree of Life. I tried using condition (Buff casted by me Tree of Life:False) But it seems like it doesn't recognize that. When one druid does Tree of life, it creates an aura so the 2nd one doesn't cast Tree of Life.

I tried to use Buff stack not equal 2. Less than 2, bigger than..etc. Neither one worked. Sometimes it just keeps spamming tree of life.


How do I go around that with xml profile ? thanks

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9 hours ago, Droidz said:

Hello, try to use c# condition 

!ObjectManager.Target.GetBuffs("Tree of Life").Any(a => a.Owner == ObjectManager.Me.Guid)


This does not work for me.

I did C sharp code condition. Only 1 druid use Tree of Life, other one does not.

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