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Bot Looping - Flying Mode broken on Woltk

Oscar J

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 'Hey Droidz,

The bot is having so many issues since several months with flying mounts mode on Woltk (Private Server). I checked Wrobot forums and many of us have the same problem. However, I did not find any solution for it and the bug is still not fixed I guess.

Can you please try to find a way to fix it? It is super annoying because I cannot let the bot works alone and I always need to keep an eye on him since he does some stupid looping (and going up till it cannot go further higher) every 5 minutes or less. I tried to blacklist the zones where it was happening; I disable/enable many things to see where the problem was coming from and still it was not working.

It happens with Gatherer/Grinder modes. I tried every single solutions that were posted but it still does not work (And no solutions were found yet from what I read).

I beg you to find a way to fix it because the flying mount mode is broken on Woltk for Wrobot.



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I was wondering the same thing. Flying is utterly and completely broken. Bot either flies straight up or spirals a million times straight up until it reaches the top of the map. I searched the forums and there are numerous posts of people having the same exact issue and it was not resolved/fixed. Outlands is particularly bad. I believe the use of any profile causes it to do it. I can share logs and a profile that I know for sure will do it.

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