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This off Topic but Vuhdo Taunting?

Bear T.O.E.

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I was wondering. Is there away to taunt a mob off a friendly party memeber if that member has aggro but is not targeting the mob? And if so How would I plug this into Vuhdo? I want to be able to one click Taunt through Vuhdo if need be, so Im wondering is there a way to do this using LUA and Macro text commands.


I have the macro @mouseover: /cast [@mouseovertarget] SpellName


But Im betting there is a much better way to do this with just one click no matter the if they are targeting is or not.

Cause Im betting the macro for targeting their target is easy to make.

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The only class I have issues getting agro on is my paladin, which is why I main DPS with him. It would be easier to just adjust your rotation/gear a bit to maximize agro than it would be to make a script to tab through targets to figure out which one lost agro. I'll start exploring some solutions to this, see if I can get a solid solution other than reforge crit and change your opening rotation. :P

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