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I just started using the bot, an I'm already having problems figuring things out.


Do I need to download more things for "questing" or grinding?


I put the bot on for spiders an as he walks an gets stuck on mountains or walks threw alliance camp an gets me kills over an over again.

Finally when I got there I've noticed he just keeps attacking till he dies even though I can heal myself.... 


I'm sure i'll have more questions later on.

Maybe I can have this one answered also. I have a warrior JC an BS, will this bot be able to grind the supplies out? hes only about 300 in JC.


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Yes check the download section of the website you can download profiles. There are only a few quest profiles atm but they are a few in the works :D


Also check the settings in your advance settings option just thoroughly go through them all to get the perfect out come of your pick.

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