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self adding and non functional dig sites


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i have 3 problems with the archaeologist feature, as i have seen in the topics and it happens to me quite a bit that some digsite's cause your bot to fly away from land and fatigue you to death, and others like the feeding pits are near impossible to bot to without repeatedly dying , i have tried several fixes to this but none of them work long term


1, if i uncheck the activate box of a unwanted dig site it seem to throw my bot out of whack and causes it to just stay in its current location or again fly off to fatigue


2. if i delete the dig site from the list it just auto reappears within a short time and not just on program restart but sometimes within minutes of deleting the line, the same applies if i manually delete the site from the xml file with the sites listed, i have also tried write protecting the xml dig sites file after edit to prevent it adding anymore sites but this too was a failure


3 if i try to fix the fatigue dig site by going to it using the dig site is my current location button, it does change the line but it does not fix the issues, the bot still heads for the old location that causes the fatigue or it again just causes the bot to stand around and do nothing


sometimes i can remove a site or two from the list and it works for the whole session , but they always add them selves on restart


any ideas or fixes you can help me employ so i can get the most out of this plugin?

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