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WRobot an Memory


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I'm running a total of 8 gigs, an it's using 1,608MB. But it's not just that I'm also running other things but it shows this in the red on my Norton an when I check my task manager also showing it is using the most memory.

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I'm using Ohren frost dk, an Using atm Horde/mix/475-525 Uldum mining.

I lowered all the settings on my graphic to fair, an using window mode.

WRobot atm is using 63,836k of memory but I just started it, in an hour or so it will be using A LOT more.

But 1 thing is different atm also I'm not doing the battleground either. I'm trying to level up my DK so I been doing Battleground an looking for Minerals while it in que.

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Are you running it in Admin Mode? And have to expanded your Page file for your hard drive that should release some ram. Plus you should get rid of Norton its a memory hog itself, and Norton was sewed for recording the contents of people hard drives and reporting it back to the Government. I would make your page file 2000 / 3000. But if you have a 1tg or bigger make it the same size and the Hard Drives on internal RAM, which can every for manufacturers. Plus make you are running the game in Admin Mode as well.

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