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[SOLVED] Hooking error


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Since today morning I got hooking problem with bot :/

yday evening it works fine, today no. The best is that I did not change anything, no updates, no game changes, nothing.


Also as I checked there is no log generated :/ the program just show error and then when I click play it hand, so I have to force close.


I tryied to change DX to 9 but no change.


For now I've changed to competition bot :/


I just noticed there was small update I mean my laucher showed downloading some data so maybe bot need little update ?

also I started to get wow error after exit it, then appear message about some memory write issue...

it looks like wow error is caused by bot, when I run just game and close there is no issue, when I run game and bot then bot show error and wow while exit also, I think blizz put some shield for this bot :/ but for example competition bot is working just time ... please investigate

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I would reinstall the bot. Download a fresh version from the site here and uninstall old version then install new version fresh. I was getting the same hook error but ONLY when my wow account was loading. Like after hearthing or something.



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Thanks mate :) going to try it.


Did not work :( still same issue. 

As I checked the same issue occured on lap where bot wasnt run before.

I have W8.1 Net.3,5 and 4.0 instaled

What are requirements to run the bot ?


It looks like Antivirus was causing the problem, hmm maybe after some update, well after remove and install another one all seems to work again :)

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That was Bitdefender Free, and the active scan was off, but from one day to another smth update I think and blocked some pc behaviour.

Right now I am using Webroot with active shield off, just every few days full scan.

So far so good :)

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