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Go to mailbox ? (Grinder profile)


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Hi all,


I have created a profile to farm some cloths in krassang spot.


All works as well, I have specified mailbox & vendor / repair in krassang but when my bags are full, my character don't go to send or sell something. He's continue to farm mobs :/


I have already put checkbox on "ON" for send and sell objects.

I have already set checkbox advanced settings for mail and objects to send ..


Anyone can help me ?


I put profile in attached files :)


Thanks for rep !

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does the bot have a path that runs past the mailbox? Or a path that leads the bot directly to the box? I would add the box into my total path, Make your character land run up to the box and then fly away.

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Hi King Smilie and thanks for your rep, I tested your solution and it's don't work anymore :/


But I have found a solution and give the tips for all users !


If you have a enchanting bags, bot don't know that your bags are full !!!



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