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battleground + gatherer.


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I'm using the bot for 3 weeks now and leveled my paladin to 90 and my hunter from 80 till 85.

Also leveled a hunter from 30-80.

No problems at all.

Now I want to use the bot for doing battlegrounds with herbing when queued.

Problem is that I get a fault message. (Wich ill post a screen shot tomorrow)

But the bot only queue for 1 time. And then starts in my case herbing.

It never queues up again.

Is it a setting problem or is the bot not working correctly?

Kind regards.

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Set the bot to Battlegrounder, then on Produt Settings, go to the bottom and turn on the function "Use other product during queue", then choose Gatherer or any other function you want the bot to do while you are wating for the BG. Dont forget to set the Product Settings for Gatherer (or any other) BEFORE you start the Battlegrounder.

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I have done that. and he starts farming while waiting on first queue.
But the bot never queues up a 2nd time. 
sorry if my starting post was unclear.

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I have test to reproduce bug and not problem found.
Can you send me screen shot of your battleground settings and your log please (of bugged  wrobot session, you can found it in "Logs" folder)?
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