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Droidz, Question about something like a Route Addon in Profile Creator.


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Droidz, Would there be a Possibility of adding in a Route Creator or something. I find in alot of areas when making questing profiles in the new zones there are alot of reacurring Stucks in very awkward places..


What i mean by this addons is


Creates more Complex Route based profile to Call upon when going  To and From a Spot to turn in quests or Run to Another zone etc..


I would find this very useful in the work that i am doing.


So this addon in my mind. Would.


Create a set of Exact waypoints to follow with click to move or Set hotpot every X amount of Steps.


Then When writing a New Profile you can call on to a profile like


(if=quest(123455)) =isCompleted;

     call(profile(123455)) returnPath;

        execute= returnPath;


I cant code worth a piss so im not sure if im on crack or what lol. Or if you can Implement something like this at all. if you can read my mind Awesome, If not I tried xD

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