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Darkmoon Faire Fishing


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I have been using a little alt to fish the 185 Darkmoon Daggermaw x number of characters for the items / quest


But I also catch Bloated Thresher and Sealed Darkmoon Crate which don't stack so my bags fill up fast and I would like an posibility where the Bloated Tresheer is opened and the Sealed Darkmoon Crate is destroyed. 


I hoped the Autoloot addon could stop my fisher picking up the crates but to no prevail. And I really want this to be done either at night or when I am at work so I dont have a chance to watch over the toon


Thx for reading



Edit: got the Bloated Thresher part done using the UseItemTimer plugnin but my bags are still filling up with crates at an alarming rate. tried both the Autoloot and LootFilter addon where you can blacklist items but they still land

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