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No Time To Heal / Legendary Pet Brawler And More.


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Hello everyone, I hope this isn't  a re post but I couldn't find anything regarding it. Just re-posting this from a thread i posted on ownedcore here.

There is a very easy way for getting these achievements and it doesn't involve you fleeing from opponents, you cannot seem to beat with no dead pet.

Just have a friend help you or a 2nd account ( like me ). Both of you make a team of 3 pets at approximately the same level range (I did it with level 1 pets).
If you can talk to your friend through skype/ventrilo/mumble/teamspeak/real life, then it would make it a lot easier for you.

Now, here is the trick. You both sign up for a random battle at the same time (make a countdown for it).
Then make sure the battle notification shows up on your screens on the same time.
- If it works, you will be battling your friend!

I personally tried this last night (during the night literally. In hope of increasing our odds for meeting each other). All 5/5 times, I managed to face my self.

A few things to note though!
- When you battle someone through the random opponent tool (the "Find Battle" bottom). Your opponent will take on a random appearance. So don't be scared that you ended up in battle with a random. Just communicate with your friend and ask him/her which pets (s)he used and tell him/her which you used.
- If it didn't work one of the 5 times, then you can always forfeit.

- Time To Heal
- Cat Fight Pet Brawler
- Experienced Pet Brawler  
- Master Pet Brawler
- Grand Master Pet Brawler
- Legendary Pet Brawler
- Take'Em All On
- On a Roll
- Win Streak

This method works for all achievements above.
Here's another tip - Use level 1 pets and when your fighting each other hit your friends pet once before he forfeits so that you don't gain exp for the whole team but for the only one that you hit his pet with.

PS: This is also a good way for leveling. ( a lvl1 pet will instantly get Lvl3 after battle, if player forfeits without you hitting his pet all pets will gain a level from 1 to 2 )

Enjoy. ;)

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Just a note on this :). If you and your friend equip your pets in a manner such as ..... say you have a lvl 25 pet and two lvl 1 pets and your friend does the same your garunteed to get eachother thanks to the way pet battles work they try to pair you up with an oppenent within 2 lvls of your pets odd are most ppl are not trying to pet battle with lvl 25 and lvl 1s at the same time. :) just remember to trade wins. and on the first win the person who lost will have to change thier pets to equal the lvl of thier friends pets etc

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