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Problems with Mining and Archaeology

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Sorry for my english,
I just finish setting up the bot with the right options and profiles and try the gather feature and the archeology feature,
and it works but it have a minor error that makes the bot skips some actions.

When i start the bot and the bot goes to the mining node to mine it, at that exact moment it also try to mount up so the bot cant finish mining so it skip it,   and on the wow screen after he dismount to mine the node it says "Can't do that while moving"  since he try to use the mount and mine at the same time so the bot skip the node and mount up correcly since he not tring to mine the node anymore  and go to the next node,

the weird thing is, it only happens on some nodes sometimes the bot try to mount up and skip it and sometimes the bot mine the node correcly and loot it, and another thing if i stop the bot on the stuck node when he try to mount up and mine the node and i start it again the bot will move and mine the node again correcly, so i dont think the node its bugged because the bot can mine the node if i reset it,  but if i leave it running like long time it skips alot of nodes because of that problem and everytime it shows the message   error on wow screen saying "Can't do that while moving" infront of the mining node

i try the archeology feature too and it have the same problem when he gets to the right zone to use Survey spell to put the telescope and see which direction to go, he cant cast it since he try to mount up and cast it at the same time ( it also shows "Can't do that while moving" error in wow screen)  and then the bot skip it and then he can use Survey spell correcly on another location of the zone,  so it works but it takes longer since he try to use survey spell alot and it dont work all the time because of the mount and action at the same time so it cancel the action

I try changing all the options realted to mount options and the only thing that seems to works was disable the mount completly :/

Another thing i saw if i stop the bot at the exact location when the "Can't do that while moving"  error shows and i try to mine the node manually by clicking it  it dosnt work i have to move the character to another position and then i can loot the node, so thats really weird maybe its from the server, but the node its not bugged its the posicion if the toon moves and try to mine the node again it will work so maybe if you add an option to check if the bot got the loot from the  action and if not move and do the action  again


i can make a video showing when the "Can't do that while moving" error happen if need it  or i can tell you how to reproduce it and i can sent you a message about the server name and home page i dont want to post that here
the problem happen very often from 10 nodes, 4 to 6 nodes  can be skiped so the bots takes aloooot longer to get the resources same for leveling arch takes longer


from 3 nodes the first one was looted correctly but the other 2 nodes had the "Can't do that while moving" error then i stop the bot heres the log file

would be awesome if you could help me and see what can be done to fix this error so i use the bot at it max funcionality :D

27 Jan 2016 02H42.log.html

Cant do that While Moving.png

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