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after a while bot doesnt queue for BG anymore


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Hi guys, i have 2 problems with battlegrounder (with [email protected] 5.4.8):

1 - Sometimes, in the end of BG, bot doesnt leave property the BG, what i mean is it leaves the BG map, but it's still in the raid group. i think bot thinks my char's still in BG, the reason that bot doenst queue. Then, i have to queue manually or relog.

2 - Sometimes bot queue to BG and the "enter BG" window popups; but, instead the bot enter the BG, the window simply disapears, and this message appears "cant do that while in random battlegrund queue". i think what is happening is that bot try to queue again before accept to enter the BG. i did this manually (queue BG > "enter BG" window popups > instead of accept to enter, i queued again) the window disapears and the message appears.

In case 1, i tried to leave the party manually and char simply doenst leave, i think this is a server bug.

any solution? TY all and sorry for my poor english.


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Hello, yes, i will try this later and ill post the result. ty for the answer!


EDIT: i disabled all addons and the issue persists. i also try /reload and nothing changed...

i taked a look in log and this error "dfsg gfds gfds # 2: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error." appears every minute, is it normal?

TY again!

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