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charakter does not autoattack mobs while gathering

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Hi Guys,


i have a big problem and i hope you will understand what i mean because my english is veryyyyyyyyyyy bad.

While i am farming herbs and ore and my charakter is close to a mob,he will not attack him automatically,so i always have to be on my pc to do it on my own.

is there anyway my character attacks himself,so i dont have to do it myself?

I just want that my chatakter kills and autoattack the mobs and continues gathering.

Fight class is my pala tank.

Hope you understand what i mean :(

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it doesnt work...

i want to farm...mob attacks me and he is not fighting back...he doesnt attack the mob...;(

I just want that my character kills the enemies,and continue farming....but if a mob attacks me,the character does nothing...


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