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How to use Windows 8 and the bot!


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Hello and welcome!


So i had to use windows 8 and i am sure you are using too.


You probably realized you get crashes and other things while trying to use the bot.


Here is how to fix it.


1. Download and install http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679 Visual C++ 2012 86x ( if installed just repair )


2. Download and install http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 DIrect X 9 ( reinstall if you have too )



and now you should be running fine :D




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the dependency module for dx9 states it is not compatible with windows 8 as it is build on dx11, i understand that the runtimes may still be required if a game is built on dx9, but im not sure the bootstrapper with launch.  I may need you specifically to test this for me, as I dont use windows 8 (really dont like it)

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there is another switch I can add to my installer that will add wrobot as a tile to windows8, I think thats part of the 'new' 'start screen' and i use those terms loosely as im not sure what they are, and kinda hate the windows 8 look with a passion.  Honestly If I had a touchscreen laptop, or moniter, maybe...... but i dont, and I ended up installing classic shell (which is free and i recommend anyone check out if they have time anyway, I use it with windows 7 still) and just didnt like the whole new start screen feel or 'apps' at all, I used it through one leaked alpha, and then the dev preview and customer preview on my laptop, and dual booted my desktop.  Just wasnt happy with it.


Back to my installer, I will work on that screen as I need to see how I need to make it work, then submit another build specifically for windows8.

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yeah i love classic windows over everything else in the world.


But windows 8 has been surprisingly faster and easy to nav around when i figured it out.


But i am still a classic guru my self :)


oh for your installer, just PM me the one you want to test out on :) and i will be on it.

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