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Why isn't this working correctly? Need quick help with fight class (druid)


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I've taken both a good feral and bear profile from the download section and merged them. Now I have an issue.

I want the profile to be stealthy. Being prowled while out of combat and once a combat triggers, switching to bear form and killing. Then switching back to prowl cat and continue. I have mount disabled to stay stealthy. Inbetween dash and stampeding roar.

What does not work:

Character stays in cat form during combat or occasionaly switches to human form. Why and how to fix? Bear form in combat, cat form ooc.
Dash works, but stampede roar does not. They both have the exact same conditions and spell settings. Stampede is not getting activated. Why and how to fix it?

Can someone please check my .xml quick and give me the right feedback either already work it in correctly or tell me what to do, after having checked it out? If you already decide to do it for me and it works as desired, please consider sharing with me here what you have done. In either way, I appreciate your feedback!

Best regards


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