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Moonkin Form Advice


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Hi All!

Ive just recently joined the community and am enjoying the bot a lot. Thanks for all the hardwork that is being put into it.

Been trying various fight classes as a balance druid and sadly none of them change to Moonkin Form for the rotation, I have tried everything with the limited knowledge I have and still the toon wont go into moonkin form during the fight. Ive searched the forums as well and have seen that this question has been asked several times and did not get a satisfactory reply.

Any advice on this will be appreciated. Please know that I do not have any knowledge in LUA and C#. If you do advice, kindly give a brief description for a newbie for the understanding.

Thanks and advance!

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I was wanting the same thing so I edited a profile and got moonkin form working. Also added Blessing of Ancients talent which I set to keep Blessing of Elune up. Works great for me, I would like to get it to go into moonkin form right when entering combat but it works good enough for me :wink:.

boomchicken swag.xml

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