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Relogger doesnt log on the right acc.


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I have battle net acc with 2 games on it. WoW1 and WoW2, in my setup I have one relogger for wow1 and other for wow2. 
But when I turn on my relogger for wow2 it always logs into wow1. 

Is the relogger just checking the first letter or?

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1 hour ago, mich125 said:

Did you put WoW1 for first and WoW2 for second account in account name field in relogger settings?

Works fine for me.


Ye I had like that.
For some reason I got to work after I put rewrote WoW2. 
Must have been a weird bug. Thanks for the help :)

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I have the same problem- but after writting WoW1, wow2, 3, even 4.. nothing every time it is logging on the starter account wchich is seccond, I dont know is it important, but i have this account on the US, while im not sure... but it is logging for eu server??


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