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Need dungeon boss script


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I wanted to make a profile for Gate of the Setting Sun Dungeon, but when i got to last boss it is kinda over my abilities:(
Maybe someone could help me out, I need a script for last boss:

Boss is this npc:

    <Vector3 X="960.5662" Y="2306.168" Z="296.1062" Type="Flying" />

He has a buff id 107118


Impervious Carapace
Reduces damage taken by 99%.

To take this buff away, so boss is possible to kill, weak spot needs to be killed first:

    <Name>Weak Spot</Name>
    <Vector3 X="960.6653" Y="2309.694" Z="313.9673" Type="Flying" />

However to get to Weak Spot, one needs to use Artilery object, to shoot himself up on to the Weak Spot, there are a few Artileries to use in the room, all have same id, just different cords:

One of them:
Artillery id 59819
2290.71 296.1056 162.7399

Boss can throw person down, before he destroys Weak Spot, so repeat use of artillery may be necessary.

Here is a full code from honorbuddy dungeon buddy for this boss, if thats any help:

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