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Step back after Frost Nova

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Dear community,
i have two questions, one about movement after cast a spell and second attack a mob only if he stands alone in radius x.

At the moment my mage casts Frost Nova if the target is to close (equal or less 10). After Frost Nova my mage casts Blink if the target gets Buff "Frost Nova" to get away from him.
Without blink my mage stay in front of the mob and casts his spells. Doesn´t look "natural"... And sometime he blink into te next mob... hehe, banzaaaaiiii!
How can i tell my mage to step back if the target is infected by Frost Nova? Thanks a lot. Maybe you could tell me how i can sheep a second mob?

Attack only single targets
Is it only possible with blacklists to avoid more than one mob? Or how do i check if the mob is alone in radius x?
WRobot is way more powerfull as Vanillabotter, but it take its time to set up the classes etc. a lot to learn.

Best Regards


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