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Can someone please show me how to add a fightclass to a hunter bot? I downloaded one from the site here for BM but not sure where to copy paste the .xml file.

My guy just auto / pet attacks. No abilities used.

First time using this.


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Hey mate :)

  • First of all, download the FightClass you want to use, which I think you've already done.
  • Next, copy and paste the XML file into the fightClass folder which is found inside your WRobot folder
  • Once you've done that, fire up WRobot
  • On "Main" option, select WRotation
  • Next, select "General Settings (3rd option down on WRobot)
  • At the very top of that section, you'll see the "FightClass" dropdown box.
  • Click the drop down box and select the Fightclass you want to use.
  • If you want to change settings for movement etc, click "Product Settings" and change whatever you want to change.
  • That's it!

This should cover it, but reply if it doesn't make sense and I'll do what I can :)






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