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Demon Hunter "Bug Found"


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Found a "bug" in the demon hunter beginning quest line can i somehow abuse it for "faster" leveling it gives 2% exp every 2 minutes.. ? i mean is that fast or not? simply pick up this quest "Things Gaardoun Needs", go to class hall missions start the mission, abandon the quest, after the 2 minutes complete the class hall mission , pick up the quest & repeat? :) or is grinding/normal questing faster? :) i mean this requires literally nothing ? the bot just needs to move 2 steps left/right all the time lol , well the missions costs 20 resources each time but i currently have 900 .. which would mean i could do it 45 times if its 2% for every level it would be around 90% ?? i mean if there is some easy way to farm resources as well? or maybe its not efficient enough no idea xD just came to my mind lol.


- Dequality :) 

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