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I use RunMacroText("/targetenemyplayer") with condition: Target is player - FALSE in the fightclass. Does its job as far as i have watched it. Although you no longer kill vehicles in some bgs :D.

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in your Fightclass profile (for whatever class you play) you can add a Spell called: RunMacroText("/targetenemyplayer") and for the condition when to use that, you put: Target Is Player - FALSE. Then whenever it targets a nonplayer unit (pet totem vehicle) it uses /targetenemyplayer and should have a player in target if there is one in range. I use it with affliction warlock profile, because it kinda sucked to try putting up dots on a totem for minutes and totems are immune to dots lol :D


edit: forgot to mention you have to set "not spell, is lua script" TRUE in the spell settings (it is at the bottom).

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