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Heavy Hacks/Scripts running around


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There is definitely something wrong right now, it's not the classic "I can't explain cuz im bad so they are cheating", its something different.

-While hit capped, i missed the same cast 4x in a row on a human warrior, same my teammate 3x in a row miss a stun on him. We are both hit capped and target was not even night elf or blood elf or rogue or whatever needs additional hit rating.

-Some warriors can kill in a single charge+mortal strike

-Some warriors according to recount (dps meter) in PvE are first placed with main source of damage the.. bleedings.

-Some players despite being clothed with level 78-like gear seem immortal in arena like having 2k resilience .


Now I'm not asking "give me cheats", I just want your opinion about what can be done and if what I'm expereicning is normal. (rating 2k1-2k2+) Are heavy hacks running around between the "elite" players that allow them to do such things?

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