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Adding "Disable M2" to Wrobot


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I created a path for herb gathering but it doesnt follow exactly the route, I mean, sometimes the herb is in front of a tree an it gathers without problems, but when the bot is coming from behind the tree, the herb is on the other side, and it keeps running into the tree like a wall, so I added every spot near a tree in a blackzone list otherwise it stucks too often.

Problem is I have a huge loss in gathering since more than 30-40% of spots are ignored because in a bad position.

I solved the problem by using wrobot + gagarin hack with enabled option "Disable M2 Regular", which allows me to pass through trees and such ground "light" objects, without faling into textures. In fact, I noticed a great increase of herb gathering after enabling that option on Gagarin hack.

I have two questions:

1) Why the bot comes from behind, like doing the path in reverse direction? I want it to follow the route I created. I messed around with some switches but I think they are ok ("Path reverse direction" is off, sounds like it could be that, but again, its disabled so It shoulnd't happen)

2) Can you implement a switch that disables the M2 texture so I can do all the farming only with wrobot without using gagarin?

I know it's a hack, and I don't know if you are "allowed" to add such feature (pretty sure you can add it easily) but well a feature like that included in the robot would be awesome.



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