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Wrobot loads the same meshes in a circle


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The problem is this: when you exit the dungeon, ie when change of location the bot is constantly loading the same meshes, which is evident in the logs at the time 21:59:55, 22:08:57, 22:22:26 and so on, the same thing happens inside dungeons, a constant loading of the same meshes, which lost a lot of time.

On 08.11.2016 at 7:41 PM, Droidz said:


Go to tab "Tools" > "Development tools", paste this code in textbox: 


and press button "C# (....", wait (WRobot will download all tiles (meshes) of current continent).

I tried this tip to upload all meshes, but it wouldn't work, the bot continues to download the same meshes

Is there any way to solve this issue or is it a feature of the bot?


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